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You started your practice because you wanted something more meaningful than a soul sucking job...

All the reasons you started your own CPA, accounting, bookkeeping or financial coaching practice can likely be broken down into one of two reasons....

1. To make a direct impact on people’s lives doing what you’re good at.

2. To feel free again, and do business your way.

For you, it’s never really been just about just the money.

While some people flaunt their riches, deep down, you don’t get excited about having 4 expensive Italian sports cars in your garage, the private jet, the 20 Rolexes. Success doesn’t look like that for you - and running your business the way some people talk about “successful entrepreneurship” just seems like it’s going to be exhausting.

No, for you, creating exponential growth in your firm has a deeper meaning. It’s about helping many more people, and fulfilling something deeply meaningful.

It’s about changing more lives, doing what you love, increasing your impact and giving back to the world in a meaningful way.


To share VALUE with the world, to make IMPACT, to be a TRUSTED advisor personally and professionally, to be AGILE in your approach to life and business, and to be LUCRATIVE for yourself and for your clients.

And it’s about creating the Amazing Life you want to give to your family and experience yourself. About finally falling in love with your life again. Making your own money, and lots of it, as a result of getting your business under control and growing is about finally accessing the stability and security you have always wished for, but never attained. And, with the right business strategy, it’s within your reach. We can help you do just that...

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Alastair Barlow | flinder®

"Amanda brings a huge amount of expertise to all our questions and challenges and has many words of wisdom - she certainly knows her stuff and she’s also a pleasure to work with!

Amanda has transformed our marketing strategy & execution and I would highly recommend Amanda to any accounting firm that’s serious about improving theirs!"

Linda Shiaffino | Coach Business Solutions LLC

"If you are struggling to launch or grow your advisory practice, Amanda is the resource you absolutely need to cut through the confusion. Her direct, targeted, extremely-knowledgeable and very generous approach has accelerated both my learning and progress, and helped eliminate the cobwebs in my thought process. Her success rate is amazing and her content and approach our bullet-proof. I'm so grateful to be in her knowledge circle."

Sally Henderson | Beyond The Deal

"Amanda provided great advice, practical techniques and tools and was a wonderful person to have on the journey with me. I wouldn't have had the breakthroughs I did without her help and wisdom. Thank you Amanda.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to boost performance and profit."


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James Preston

PNW Community Tax

We have a different strategy for CPA, accounting, bookkeeping and financial coaching practice growth, and we are here to help you get your life back, in service and with love.


Amanda C. Watts

Amanda is a passionate strategist for business advisors and the driving force behind the Business Advisor Academy and Oompf Global. As the co-founder of Uplevel By Oompf and an engaging keynote speaker, she thrives on inspiring and connecting with her audience.

Amanda’s mission is to help CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, financial coaches, and business coaches across the globe become not only wildly wealthy but also impactful advisors.

With over a decade of experience since 2009, Amanda has empowered more than 3000 practices in 23 countries, guiding some of the fastest-growing, award-winning accounting firms. She is also a prolific author with three books (and a fourth on the way) focused on branding, marketing, and sales. She firmly believes that business advisory is crucial in today's world, especially for small businesses seeking to thrive with the right financial guidance.

Amanda is committed to transforming practices into beacons of success and influence, making a significant difference in the business world.

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